Spearfishing Charters





Home Port

Preparation for a trip on this, or any boat for that matter, requires you keep certain things in mind. First off, the captain wants to keep decks as clear as possible, so don't bring too much with you. Seperate your dry items from your wet items and have a small bag for each. Most boats don't like weight belts and spearguns bouncing around damaging the boat, ask and you will be told where to stow your gear. Speaking of damaging the boat, on most boats you are paying for fuel, any damage you cause comes right out of the captains pocket. Please be careful, and if you should break something, tell the captain.

If you're prone to being seasick the best thing you can do is get enough sleep the night before the trip. Regardless, it's not a bad idea to take something to help keep your stomach calm. Also, if you have any medical issues, inform the captain when you book the trip. Not so we can deny you a spot, just so we can be prepared if anything happens to you while we're underway.

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